Our NEW Two Stage Wiped Film Evaporator and Short Path Evaporator (Molecular Distillation) Toll Distillation and Toll Processing system incorporates both wiped film evaporators and short path evaporators.

Laboratory Wiped Film and Molecular Distillation Evaluations:

Starting with lab trials in our stainless steel Wiped Film or our glass Molecular (Short Path) Evaporation systems, we generate samples for analysis and to confirm appropriate operating conditions.  We customize our wiped film and short path distillation processing conditions to fulfill your product purity and temperature limit requirements.

Our laboratory is equipped with a wide variety of analytical tools, including but not limited to High Performance Liquid Chromatography and Gas Chromatography. 

Full scale Wiped Film and Short Path Distillation pilot runs are completed after a successful separation at the laboratory level. We carry out pilot plant wiped film and/or molecular distillation tests in order to quantify the qualitative results gained from the laboratory glass or stainless steel molecular distillation or wiped film evaluation.  From our pilot testing, we obtain quantitative operational data and large product samples (in the form of pails or drums of overhead or bottoms, as required for your project’s customized evaluations and market development efforts), and we collect the process information necessary to scale up to your commercial wiped film or molecular (short path) distillation process.

Toll Distillation:

Whether you need 100 grams or several thousand tons of product separated, our wiped film and molecular distillation facilities can accomplish your goals in a timely manner. This can be for an interim or permanent production requirement, dependent upon your tactical and strategic plan.  Our quality control and auditing capabilities insure that the resultant product is produced within your specification limits.

Our capabilities include the following: 

  • Single or multiple stage short-path (molecular distillation) or wiped-film evaporators with preflash

  • Feed viscosities from water-like to highly viscous polymeric materials

  • Vacuum levels down to 0.001 mbar and pressures up to 90 PSIG

  • Temperatures up to 325 °C

  • Specializing in low through high volume toll WFE and SPD distillation work.

Business sectors include:

·         Food Products

·         Specialty and Industrial Products and Intermediates

·         Agricultural Products

·         Pharmaceutical Products

·         Nutraceuticals

Our capabilities include specialty small scale wiped film, molecular, or short path distillation toll distillation - as well as multiple tank truck through rail car quantity toll processing campaigns.  Our wiped film and molecular distillation systems can be designed specifically for heat sensitive and/or viscous products.